About Mesh

What is Mesh?

Mesh is a place to build and find communities. We offer all of the familiar ways to connect and share ideas through posts, photos, video, and messaging; a moderation suite to help leaders vet members, keep out the trolls, and efficiently handle reports of abuse; and monetization tools including membership dues, contributions, and a curated ad marketplace where leaders approve brands and small businesses for advertising and keep 60% of the ad revenue.

How is Mesh different?

Mesh is about giving ownership back to communities. On traditional social media, the platform is king. They determine what content and ads show up in your community, reap all the benefits of the ads they push on you, and optimize for their own clicks instead of your community’s health. On Mesh, that relationship is flipped. You can take back ownership of your community’s health with both proactive and reactive moderation tools, hand-selecting the ads your members see, and making money from those ads to reinvest in your community.

What is the Mesh Code of Conduct?

The Mesh Code of Conduct is the set of guidelines that all users must abide by while using Mesh, regardless of what community they are in. Violating the Mesh Code of Conduct may be grounds for your removal from Mesh entirely.

How do I join Mesh?

Download Mesh from the Apple App Store or Google Play and create an account attached to your phone number. If you know someone already on Mesh, they can send you an invite to a community. You can also sign up for a beta invite and we’ll contact you when it’s time to join.

I already have an online community on another platform. How do I bring my community to Mesh?

If you have a community you’d like to bring over to and/or build on Mesh, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about yourself and your community and we’ll contact you when it’s time to join.

How do I keep my community safe?

Mesh provides both proactive and reactive moderation tools. Before you even let members in, you can set discoverability, content visibility, application, and verification settings:

• Discoverability determines whether people can find your community without an invite.
• Visibility determines if non-members can browse any of your community content.
• Applications allow you to vet your members before they join your community. 
• Requiring Mesh verification ensures that all members are exactly who they say they are.

Once members are interacting in your community, you’ll have access to a community moderation suite, which provides a single organized place to review all issues and a broad set of actions you can take on both posts and your members.

What do I do if I come across inappropriate content or users?

As a community leader, you have the ability to freeze or remove any content, and suspend or ban any users. For content and users that go beyond just violating your Code of Conduct (e.g. harassment, illegal activity, threats of violence), you can report directly to Mesh. Every report will be reviewed by a real live human at Mesh.

What data does Mesh store?

Mesh stores all the user data that is entered into the app while that user is a member of Mesh. This includes profile information, community membership, post activity, moderation and moderated activity.  Community application information and Mesh Verification information are purged once they have been acted upon (acceptance/rejection).

How can I contact Mesh?

If you have any concerns, questions, or feedback, please reach out to Hello@Meshcommunities.us.

Creating and Managing Communities

How do I create a community?

Anyone can create a community on Mesh. Simply hit “Create” on the home page to get started! You’ll be prompted through a series of steps that will allow you to choose privacy settings, create community guidelines, and more.

Do I have to create custom guidelines for my community?

Adding custom guidelines is optional. Regardless of community specific guidelines, everyone who joins Mesh has to agree to abide by the Mesh Code of Conduct. Additional guidelines may not be necessary for every community.

Do I have to choose a category for my community?

You can skip choosing a category; however, that may make it harder for users to find relevant communities. The community will automatically be lumped into a “general” category by default.

How do I invite people to my community?

Once the community has been created, you will see a large invite button on the header of the community page. From here, grab an invite link to share via text, email, or posting. The link will expire 5 minutes after the recipient views it. As the community leader, you can choose whether members can invite their friends or restrict invite privileges to moderators and leaders only.

What is the difference between public and private communities?

Communities have two main privacy settings: Discoverability and Content Visibility. 

• Discoverability refers to who can find your community. Private means that non-members can only find your community via invite and public means that non-members will be able to find your community via search and suggestions. 
• Content Visibility refers to whether Mesh users can view content within your community before joining. Private means that content is only visible to members, and public means that anyone who encounters your community can browse content.

How do I create an application for my community?

If you’ve already created your community, you can find the application editor in your community settings. From the community page, click “Manage” and “Edit Membership Application” to get started.

How do I review applications for my community?

Applications live in the moderation tab for that community. Click “Moderation” in the bottom navigation bar, click into the appropriate community, and scroll down to the application you want to review.

How do I view reports in my community?

You can follow the link directly from the notification or go to the “Manage” button or the three dot menu in the upper right corner of the community header. Choose “Moderation” and you will be taken to your reports.

Can I reopen old reports?

Absolutely! From the moderation screen, click into the community where the closed report exists. From there, switch from open reports to closed reports at the top of the screen. Scroll down to access the report.

Can I change a resolution on a closed report?

Yes! Access the closed report, then select “Edit report” in the upper right hand corner. Make the changes you want to both post and user actions, then select Submit in the upper right hand corner.

How do I change my community settings?

If you’re a leader for a community, you will see a “Manage” option on the community header. Select that to pull up all management options, including member’s roles, guidelines, settings, and the member application.

General Use

How do I create a Mesh account?

Once you have received an invitation, follow the invite and download the app. You’ll then be prompted through a series of steps including choosing a username, adding an image, or brief bio. If you have not been invited, sign up here and get on the list for beta.

How do I get Mesh Verified?

When you attempt to join a community that requires Mesh verification, you will be prompted to provide a photo ID.  Once you have been verified, you can continue with the application process.  Just fill out the information requested and submit with a photo that includes your face and picture identification.

How do I get verified if my name does not match the name on my photo ID

You’ll be able to let us know in the process of verification. We understand identity is complex and take name changes, deadnames, and the need for privacy into account.

What’s the difference between my name and my username?

Your username will be displayed with your content (posts, comments, etc) throughout Mesh. Your name will be displayed on your profile and does not need to match your username. For example, if your username is Potato but your irl name is Barabara, you can use the name space to further identify yourself as Barabara. Including your name is entirely optional.

Can I edit my personal information and username?

Yes, you can! From the home page, select your avatar in the upper left corner. Select Profile, Edit Profile and follow the appropriate link for the change you want to make.

How do I find new communities?

On the home page, you can find suggested communities by scrolling past your communities. This applies to both in recent activity.

How do I leave a community?

From the main community page, click the three dots in the top right. From here, you can leave or report the community and change your notifications settings.


How do I report a post?

On the post, click the three dots in the top right (for comments, the three dots will be right below the comment). From there, you can report the post. Fill out the information detailing your report and it will be reviewed by Mesh asap.

How do I block or report a user?

Click on the user’s profile and go to the three dot menu in the top right corner. You’ll be given the option to block or report.

How do I report a community?

From the main community page, click the three dots in the top right. From here, you can leave or report the community and change your notifications settings.