Own your community.

Mesh is your community hub. Join or create your community. Chat and make trusted connections in your network.

Own your ads.

See ads from brands that share your values. Advertisers make an offer and leaders can approve or deny the request. Search based on impact tags, location, and keywords.

Business Partnerships

Advertisers become a community partner. Get feedback on ads, with an option to cancel anytime. 

Multiple revenue streams.

Communities keep the ad revenue and Mesh takes a service fee. Invest in yourself, invest in events, invest in resources, or pay moderators to help manage your community full time. In addition to advertising, communities can monetize through contributions and member dues.

Own your safety.

Vet members before they join with a comprehensive application tool.

Mesh verification.

Keep your community authentic through Mesh verification.

Mesh Moderation.

Easily manage reports and keep your community safe.

Everything on Mesh is opt-in and requires consent.